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Comments from our guestbook


From the start of booking ‘La Belle Vue’ everything went extremely smoothly.  Constant emails went back and forth between ourselves and Jim & Pauline to arrange our stay. They explained the best travel information and also gave us some advice on sites and shopping on the way.

On arriving in Barrau and parking in the village Jim and Pauline appeared from nowhere and greeted us with smiles which made us feel so welcome. They then led us to the Gite where we would be staying and showed us around the 'upside down' apartment we would be living in.

Bottom floor consisted of the hall way, bathroom and bedroom which led to a small garden and a path leading to a local walk and a route to the river Creuse close by. The first floor consisted of a small balcony kitchen which had everything you needed to make our stay comfortable which led to a sitting room with a small dining area. At this point we were handed a bottle of wine from the local vineyard to welcome us to France and was further greeted by a pot of homemade soup as we had had a long journey from our home town.

We met the next day when we were shown different areas for visiting and also what was available in the village. A fishing permit was high on my agenda and was told the local general store would be the area to pick one up. This had been brought up in our emails and Jim and Pauline had gathered information on where I could gather items needed for my trips. They also had a vast knowledge of all the chateaus we could visit in the Loire Valley region including parking, what to find there and in their mind the best ones to visit if you only have a short time there.

This was very helpful and made our visit even more enjoyable as it helped us gain an insight to what to expect and by us adding what we are looking for a better experience.

The village holds a vast amount of interest in itself. There was a local patisserie for bread and cakes, a general store for your everyday items and a bar/restaurant where Misère Willy will entertain you all night. And the walk back is interesting with the walk through the ‘mushroom trees’ (obviously light headed).

This and all the markets available, dates and times of events and again all château information was greatly appreciated from Jim and Pauline. 

Our final day and the hand back over went as smooth as the beginning but we both felt sad as it was like we were leaving a new home and family in France which was how we were made to feel. As we left we were in agreement that we would visit again. The family who owned the house had a good idea what a visitor to their home would require. WE well recommend this location for its peaceful and quiet walks, its central location to some of the most beautiful chateau’s in France and views from the gite itself.

Neil Frater & Melanie Battle

7th -14th March 2016



Lovely six days in 'La Belle Vue' - so quaint and cosy. We have achieved what we came to do ,experience life in a little French village. Have loved the local characters, meeting other folk on holiday, the people have all been very helpful.

The most 'extraordinary plus' would have to be Pauline & Jim - their welcome, their daily care for us - amazing!

Everything  about the little chalet was A1 - hotwater, warm, cosy & delightful outlook - birds singing, La Creuse flowing -who could ask for more. 10/10 - great!